Alpha Factor IPA

6.8% ABV
64 IBU

Our first run IPA, this beer is stuffed full of hops, just the way we like it. Alpha factor is a yeast mating pheromone, and without yeast, we wouldn’t have beer! Clean fermentation characteristics and light malt flavor help the hops shine their brightest, with a clean, lasting bitterness to finish.

Antichromatic White Stout

8.1 %
32 IBU

We crafted this contradiction by excluding dark, roasted malts from the recipe and replacing them with cacao nibs, house made pecan syrup, and cold-brewed coffee. This beer has all the rich flavors and staggering potency you’d expect from a stout, but exhibiting a surprisingly clear golden appearance, this optical illusion is sure to amaze the senses.

Lager Rythmic

24 IBU

A crisp, clean, and approachable lager, dry-hopped extensively with Amarillo and Azacca.

For Chucks Sake Hazy IPA

6.2% ABV
41 IBU

Brewed for our good friends at Chuck’s Hop Shop, this Hazy IPA features a Metric Chuckton™ of Denali, Mosaic, and Experimental Hop #06297

Prereq Pale Ale

5.5% ABV
40 IBU

Easy drinking and light, this beer has a citrusy hop profile and a slightly malty backbone. A welcome refreshment at the end of a long (or short) day, it is the quintessential American pale ale.

Nitro: Cram Session Coffee Porter

5.2% ABV
28 IBU

For this customer favorite, we start with our Postdoc Porter, which is a robust porter with a heavy punch of roast. We then augment the base beer with a coldpress of delicious Espresso Blend from our neighbors at Café Lusso. You’ll never think of coffee the same again.

Barrel Aged Evans Kriek Flanders Red

15 IBU

Flanders Red barrel aged with pie cherry.

Cranberry Kölsch

3.8% ABV
20 IBU

Cranberry fruit in a crisp kölsch.

Dissertation Double IPA

9.0% ABV
88 IBU

Dissertation is a double-dry-hopped Double IPA with an intense amount of Galaxy, Mosiac, Citra, and Simcoe. It pours a vibrant gold with generous aromas of juicy passionfruit, ripe mango, earthy pine, and bright citrus. Although Dissertation is quite strong and showcases an enormous amount of hop character, it remains smooth and drinkable with a clean finish and pleasant bitterness.