Tap List Updated 1/8/19

Pineapple Blonde

4.6% ABV
16 IBU

Crisp light golden ale with a slightly sweet biscuity malt flavor. Delicate floral hop aroma from German hops. The name is inspired by the hydrogen bonds formed in solutions of alcohol and water, like in beer!

L.A.B. Partner with Blackcurrant

4.8 % ABV
20 IBU

This version of L.A.B. Partner teams up our bracingly tart gose with the intense flavors and aromas of blackcurrants. Deep magenta with a pinkish head. Earthy, floral, passion fruit, light raspberry. Tart and juicy with a hint of funk. Sight salinity from Jacobsen hand harvested sea salt. Finishes with a lingering breadiness of fresh sourdough and jam. Intensely refreshing and satisfyingly sessionable.

Media Blackout

6.1% ABV
29 IBU

Dark and smoothly roasty with notes of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Hints of plums and dried figs with a light touch of dark roasted coffee.

Resilince IPA

6.8% ABV
55 IBU

We’re supporting those impacted by the Camp Fire by brewing Resilience IPA. We will donate 100% of Resilience sales to the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund to help Butte County rebuild its community.

Independent Study Ale

5.6% ABV
35 IBU

The color of sunshine, this thirst quenching beer brings memories of hiking through the woods. Bright pine and resin mingle playfully with fruit and peach notes. Sit back and enjoy finding your own way through this single hopped, refreshing beer.

Donnrua Brown Ale

5.2% ABV
22 IBU

Pouring a luscious dark toffee color Dunnrua tastes of decadence. Notes of hazelnut and pecan mingle with bittersweet chocolate, fading into smooth toffee and caramel to finish.

Southern Passion Golden Ale

4.7% ABV
31 IBU

Crafted to showcase a difficult to acquire hop from South Africa, this Golden Ale is single hopped exclusively with Southern Passion. It’s light and brilliantly bright gold in appearance. Dry, crisp with a mild bitterness. Aromas of papaya, chamomile and white peppercorns. With flavors of clean malt and earthy noble hops, It’s a clean, crisp, pale beer with a very unique hop.

NITRO Antichromatic White Stout

7.8% ABV
33 IBU

We crafted this contradiction by excluding dark, roasted malts from the recipe and replacing them with cacao nibs, house made pecan syrup, and cold-brewed coffee from Caffé Lusso, With all of the rich flavors and staggering potency you’d expect from a stout, but exhibiting a surprisingly clear golden appearance, this optical illusion is sure to amaze the senses.

Element of Surprise

12.3% ABV
34 IBU

Element of Surprise pours dark golden with a creamy white head. Honey aroma with complex spicy notes reminiscent of pepper and clove. Light fruity-esters of orange and lemon are complimented by the citrusy flavors of the coriander. A slight honey-like sweetness culminates in a warming finish