Tap List Updated 11/14/19
Our tap lineup can change from day to day but it is updated here at least once a week. We also always have a nitro tap, cider, and non alcoholic options available. Cans, bottles, and growlers are available to go.

L.A.B. Partner with Blackcurrant

4.6% ABV
20 IBU

This version of L.A.B. Partner teams up our bracingly tart gose with the intense flavors and aromas of blackcurrants. Deep magenta with a pinkish head. Earthy, floral, passion fruit, light raspberry. Tart and juicy with a hint of funk. Slight salinity from Jacobsen hand harvested sea salt. Finishes with a lingering breadiness of fresh sourdough and jam. Intensely refreshing and satisfyingly sessionable.

Pop Quiz M. Gilman

6.2% ABV
30 IBU

Touching on the fruity side of those elusive South African Hops, this rendition of Pop Quiz delivers strong aromas of mango and sweet mandarin. Hints of black currant and nectarine meld together to make one fruity and delicious beer.

Cram Session Coffee Porter

5.2% ABV
28 IBU

Caffè Lusso Gran Miscela Carmo® adds substantial character to this robust porter, blending nicely with notes of cocoa and caramelized sugar. Dark and full flavored, but light bodied and easy to drink.

A1 Double Sauce

7.2% ABV
29 IBU

This Hazy IPA is finally back in town and it’s returned with a vengeance. Double the punchy tropical and orange notes with an extra dash of citrus zest. Bigger body, bigger hop additions, bigger flavor – it’s Double Sauce!

Double Barrel-Aged Demon Star

13.7% ABV
66.6 IBU

2018 Double Barrel Demon Star was aged in two different barrels for a total of 20 months. It first spent 12 months in Heaven Hills Bourbon Barrels, then spent 8 months in Woodinville Whiskey Barrels that had previously been used to age port wine by Patterson Cellars. Aromas and flavors of chocolate, dried stone fruit like cherries and plums, vanilla, chocolate, oak, whiskey, coffee, chocolate truffle, cocoa, slight booze, and more chocolate. Best served at cellar temperature or above.

Unseen Interaction

9.8% ABV

Bright orange with a whisper of pink hues, this gentle and lovingly aged sour has light plum and citrus overtones. A bit of farmhouse funk greets the palate and mellows to a tart yet crisp sip. After two years in barrels, we just couldn’t wait any longer to share this subtle sipper with you

Hydrogen Blonde

4.6% ABV
16 IBU

*2019 Washington Beer Award – Gold Medal winner*
Crisp light golden ale with a slightly sweet biscuity malt flavor. Delicate floral hop aroma from German hops. The name is inspired by the hydrogen bonds formed in solutions of alcohol and water, like in beer!

Motley Zoo Pale Ale

5.8% ABV
35 IBU

Like sunshine bursting through the clouds, this beer sends brights notes of lemon and fruity pineapple sparkling across the palate. Satisfy your animal side and go fetch another before it’s all gone!

Alpha Factor IPA

6.8% ABV
64 IBU

Although named for a yeast mating pheromone, this beer is stuffed full of hops, just the way we like it! Clean fermentation and light malt let the hops shine their brightest. Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe, and Amarillo.

NITRO: Antichromatic White Stout

7.8% ABV
33 IBU

We crafted this contradiction by excluding dark, roasted malts from the recipe and replacing them with cacao nibs, house made pecan syrup, and cold-brewed coffee from Caffè Lusso. With all of the rich flavors and staggering potency you’d expect from a stout, but exhibiting a surprisingly clear golden appearance, this optical illusion is sure to amaze the senses.