Tap List Updated 2/22/19

Hydrogen Blonde

4.6% ABV
16 IBU

Crisp light golden ale with a slightly sweet biscuity malt flavor. Delicate floral hop aroma from German hops. The name is inspired by the hydrogen bonds formed in solutions of alcohol and water, like in beer!

L.A.B. Partner with Blackcurrant

4.8 % ABV
20 IBU

This version of L.A.B. Partner teams up our bracingly tart gose with the intense flavors and aromas of blackcurrants. Deep magenta with a pinkish head. Earthy, floral, passion fruit, light raspberry. Tart and juicy with a hint of funk. Sight salinity from Jacobsen hand harvested sea salt. Finishes with a lingering breadiness of fresh sourdough and jam. Intensely refreshing and satisfyingly sessionable.

Hogus Maximus Triple IPA

10.1% ABV
100 IBU

Hogus tastes like pure hop juice. Dank, piney aromas overwhelm the nose and continue into the flavor, where they are balanced by enough citrus to complete the American hop trio. It finishes dry, with almost no malt flavor to get in the way of the hops.

Alpha Factor IPA

6.8% ABV
65 IBU

Although named for a yeast mating pheromone, this beer is stuffed full of hops, just the way we like it! Clean fermentation and light malt let the hops shine their brightest. Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe, and Amarillo.

Independent Study Ale

5.6% ABV
35 IBU

The color of sunshine, this thirst quenching beer brings memories of hiking through the woods. Bright pine and resin mingle playfully with fruit and peach notes. Sit back and enjoy finding your own way through this single hopped, refreshing beer.

Donnrua Brown Ale

5.2% ABV
22 IBU

Pouring a luscious dark toffee color Dunnrua tastes of decadence. Notes of hazelnut and pecan mingle with bittersweet chocolate, fading into smooth toffee and caramel to finish.

Barrel-Aged Wheat Wine 101

8.2% ABV
40 IBU

Our Wheat Wine 101 aged to perfection in Bourbon Barrels.

NITRO Cram Session Coffee Porter

5.2% ABV
28 IBU

Caffè Lusso Gran Miscela Carmo® adds substantial character to this robust porter, blending nicely with notes of cocoa and caramelized sugar. Dark and full flavored, but light bodied and easy to drink.

Pop Quiz E. Kara

6.7% ABV
39 IBU

Our first named (not numbered) Pop Quiz is E. Kara for Erin Kara, PhD. Dr. Kara is a Postdoc at the University of Maryland and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center where she uses X-Rays to study black holes. She was selected based on her recent Nature paper “The corona contracts in a black-hole transient”.

And like the ejection of a black hole corona this beer radiates intense aromas of pineapple and pomelo zest. Light vanilla and fresh baked white bread round out this latest version of Pop Quiz.