Tap List Updated 8/25/19

Grapefruit Blonde

3.9% ABV
13 IBU

Our Hydrogen Blonde Ale blended with fresh, unfiltered, organic grapefruit juice

Brett it and Forget it

5.3% ABV

They say patience is a virtue, but after two years of waiting we couldn’t take it anymore! Kiwi, watermelon, and peach interweave against a crisp cracker finish. Lemon zest and a touch of soft tannin increase the complexity of this Gose but don’t take away from its crushability.

Motley Zoo Pale Ale

5.8% ABV
35 IBU

Like sunshine bursting through the clouds, this beer sends brights notes of lemon and fruity pineapple sparkling across the palate. Satisfy your animal side and go fetch another before it’s all gone!

Peach Quiz

6.2% ABV
27 IBU

Pop Quiz with peach, nectarine puree and lactose

Barrel Admixture Project 2018

8.0 % ABV
28 IBU

This blend of mixed culture beers from the cellar was refermented with mango and passionfruit. Marigold colored with a fluffy off-white head. Punchy aromas of overripe mango, apricot, passionfruit and a touch of farmhouse funk. Flavors mimic the aroma with a touch of acidity, a medium bitterness and a dry finish. Patience is rewarding.

Hogus Maximus Barriclus

13.6% ABV
50 IBU

Our famous Hogus Maximus Triple IPA aged to perfection in J. P. Trodden bourbon barrels.

Hydrogen Blonde

4.6% ABV
16 IBU

*2019 Washington Beer Award – Gold Medal winner*
Crisp light golden ale with a slightly sweet biscuity malt flavor. Delicate floral hop aroma from German hops. The name is inspired by the hydrogen bonds formed in solutions of alcohol and water, like in beer!

NITRO Cram Session Coffee Porter

5.2% ABV
28 IBU

Caffè Lusso Gran Miscela Carmo® adds substantial character to this robust porter, blending nicely with notes of cocoa and caramelized sugar. Dark and full flavored, but light bodied and easy to drink.

Alpha Factor IPA

6.8% ABV
64 IBU

Although named for a yeast mating pheromone, this beer is stuffed full of hops, just the way we like it! Clean fermentation and light malt let the hops shine their brightest. Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe, and Amarillo.

Pop Quiz Hazy IPA
Pop Quiz: A. Kollár

6.0% ABV
29 IBU

Featuring the exotic flavors of Souther Passion hops out of South Africa, our newest Hazy IPA brings a whole new world of flavor to the glass. Freshly zested and juiced orange lead the way to sweet peppers and just ripe nectarines. This exclusive hop bomb experience won’t last long, so come drink a pint and explore South Africa with us!